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The Savage Mind of Michel Maffesoli


Academic Writing & Translation

Roland Barthes: ‘How to Live Together’ – Course and Seminar at the Collège de France (1976-1977)
Bert, J. (James Horrox, trans. Forthcoming)

Visual Perception: Digital Imagination & Sensitive Experience of the Social World
La Rocca, F.  (James Horrox, trans.), Im@go, No. 6 – Year IV / Dec. 2015, pp. 50-65

The Artist as Critic: Gustav Landauer on Oscar Wilde
The Wildean, No.46. January 2015. pp.53-71

Urban Climatology: The Phenomenology of the Postmodern City
La Rocca, F.  (James Horrox, trans.), Cosmopolis, 2014/2 pp.3-8

To Each his Tribes: From Contract to Pact
Maffesoli, M. (James Horrox, trans.), Berfrois, October 28, 2014 [online]

The Invisible Church, or ‘Underground Centrality’
Maffesoli, M. (James Horrox, trans.) in Wøldike & Heinskou (eds.) Byen og blikkets lyst, Copenhagen, 2014 pp.59-67

La Connaissance Érotique: Intuition and Social Research
Maffesoli, M. (James Horrox, trans.) Secessio, Vol.1 No. 2, Autumn 2012

After Politics
Strohl, H. (James Horrox, trans.) Secessio, Vol.1 No. 2, Autumn 2012

Transpolitics and Communicracy
Susca, V. (James Horrox, trans.) Secessio, Vol.1 No. 2, Autumn 2012

Cinema and Metropolis
La Rocca, F.  (James Horrox, trans.) (in press)

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City Communes in Israel: Prolegomena to a Morphology of Urban Communalism
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Radical Histories/Alternative Futures
Eutopia: Journal of Libertarian Municipalism, Athens. No. 9, Autumn 2010, pp.47-58

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