Bears Ears and Grand Staircase – A local tragedy with global consequences

Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments are revered by archaeologists and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world, and sacred to the Native American tribes whose ancient burial sites, cliff dwellings and petroglyphs are among the countless thousands of cultural and archaeological treasures that lie undisturbed across the windswept wilderness of southern Utah’s canyon country. When President Clinton gave Grand Staircase the status of National Monument in 1996, and Obama bestowed the same protections on Bears Ears a decade later, it was an acknowledgement that Read more ›

Trump’s latest pointless and irresponsible federal budget proposal

Presidential budgets are usually nothing more than symbolic gestures of intent, released into the world with no real expectation that they’ll make it through Congress or be followed through in actual spending. In Trump’s case, while this has so far held true (his budgets have never been adopted in totality), they give a good sense of how we can expect to see the administration using administrative action to circumvent Congress in the coming year. This being the case, the FY2021 budget released this week paints a bleak picture of the future of America’s public lands. Read more ›

He know windmills very much

An expert weighs in on the horrors of clean energy:

“I never understood wind… I know windmills very much, I have studied it better than anybody. [T]hey are manufactured, tremendous — if you are into this — tremendous fumes and gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes and everything.”

Donald J. Trump, cosmologist and windmill expert (via The Hill)

New Report: Protecting the Places We Love: How the Land and Water Conservation Fund Supports Outdoor Recreation in Nevada

Environment Nevada State Director Levi Kamolnick and I have spent the last few months working on a report on the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and its importance for land preservation and outdoor recreation in Nevada. Funded by our friends at the Western Conservation Foundation, the report was released last week as a joint publication by Environment Nevada and Frontier Group. Here’s the intro (you can download the full report here – and check out my blog on the LWCF on the Frontier Group site) Read more ›

The Battle for the Tongass

Sprawling across 16.7 million acres of southeastern Alaska, the Tongass National Forest has been described as the “crown jewel” of America’s National Forest system. The largest of the country’s national forests, this spectacular landscape is home to some of the last surviving old-growth temperate rainforest on the continent, as well as numerous species of rare and imperiled wildlife. The Washington Post reports that President Trump has instructed Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to open it up to industrial-scale logging. Read more ›